Even though I'm a Target guy (who uses the "fancy" pronunciation of Target), I try not to judge people who prefer Walmart. I try, but usually fail. It's just too easy.

And now I have more reason to prefer Target: Walmart just settled a $45 MILLION class-action lawsuit alleging they'd overcharged customers for weighted foods like produce.

If You Bought Produce From Walmart, They Owe You Money

The amount you get back depends on how much produce you got suckered into buying bought between October 2018 and January 2024.

  • If you bought 50 or fewer qualifying items, you get $10
  • If you bought between 51 and 75 qualifying items, you get $15
  • If you bought between 76 and 100 qualifying items, you get $20 (getting into the big fat money now)
  • If you bought over 101 qualifying items, you get $25

If you're a weirdo/hoarder of receipts, you can get up to $500 back...but only if you bought a LOT of produce. For example: if you spent $5000 on qualifying items, you only get $100.

If my Crosby math doesn't fail me, that means spending $25,000 on produce over the course of five years will get you $500 back.

Thems a lot of apples.

The class-action lawsuit doesn't just cover weighted fruits and vegetables (produce that you pay for by the pound); it also covers packed poultry, pork, and seafood.

What To Spend Your Big (Little) Fat (Skinny) Settlement On

I'm no professional adviser, but the best investment for your settlement is probably a few lottery tickets.

There are worse things to spend your money on...such as Walmart.

Find more information about the settlement here, and file a claim RIGHT HERE.

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