Not a big shocker that a clothing designer, by the name of Salvia Lani

Lani moved three years ago from Hawaii to Minnesota, she didn’t want to choose between being fashionable or being warm. She wanted both so she made it happen.

“I moved here for love, but I got tired of freezing my butt off,”

-Salvia Lani


I totally get that being a Minnesota girl my entire life. Hard to look super cute all bundled up. But in this state being warm is a must, so it's either you look good and freeze or are super warm but lack style.


Last year there was days of subzero temperatures and designer, Lani went to work creating a cold-weather jean without the bulkiness of flannel.

She made jeans in men’s and women’s sizes are designed to be warm even when it feels-like 60 below due to windchill. Made in a factory in northeast Minneapolis from imported fabrics, the jeans subtly embrace the North. For example, ice-blue colored thread is used along seams. The rivets, buttons and leather patch on the back waistband are all stamped with a snowflake icon. The back pocket tab, usually stamped with a brand, says “Made in MN” inside an outline of the state.

The jeans are made with three-layer bonded material, windproof, waterproof, breathable,  and a lining that wicks away moisture. Her line of jeans includes three colors and boot cut and slim fit sizes that range from XS to 2X.

“Typically, flannel jeans are more bulky,” said Lani.  “These have a sleeker look. If you get flannel-lined jeans wet, you’re out of luck.”

She said the jeans are the first of their kind. She wanted her jeans to be comfortable indoors as well as outdoors. I am like where do you sign up for these and how much do they cost?

The jeans are currently on sale for $179, regularly $199 and the jeans are available only at, but Lani expects to have the jeans available from small independent retailers by next winter. I think these will fly off the shelf. I have so many friends that enjoy outdoor sports like snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, ice fishing and hunting. I bet they can't wait to do this activities without lacking style.

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