We love movie nights at our house. Time we get to spent together as a family, just relaxing. It’s the best. Our kids Wyatt, 4, and Harper, 8, are into watching Disney or Pixar movies for the most part, which is totally fine by me. I am pretty sure I like these movies even more than my kids do.

Going to the movie theater these days gets pretty expensive, especially, if you add in the cost of popcorn (big enough to share), candy, sodas and or slushies. Last time my family went it was well over 50 dollars. So, when I find more affordable options to see movies on big screens for little to nothing I jump at the chance.

This event is called Movie Madness and it's coming up on Friday, March 20th from 6:30 - 8:15pm. It will be fun for the whole family watching the movie on the big screen at Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School Auditorium. The best part is that is FREE!

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This movie is the 2019 version of Aladdin. It is a great movie. I did see it for the first time in the movie theater. I mentioned this event is free, however, the only  thing you have to do is register in advance. Just register one adult, and then fill out the form asking how many in your family will be attending. The adults must accompany their child or children. Just a reminder NO food or beverages allowed in the auditorium for this event.

I think this will be a fun family night out. My kids are looking forward to it. And not embarrassed to admit  I am looking forward to it as well. We have seen this movie before and I thought it was pretty good. Wouldn't mind seeing it again on a big screen.

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