We all hate robocalls.

And with good reason -- they're a nuisance, they waste our time, and they're almost always (ok, maybe always) irrelevant or inapplicable to us. You'd be amazed at how many robocalls we get in the studio on the studio line.

"Please do not hang up," they start. "This is an important-" I always hang up at that point; if it's not important enough for a real person to call me, then it's not important.

Still, it would be a waste of talent if you could mimic a robocall and didn't use it to prank people every now and then, right?

A woman in Kentucky recently pranked her friend by pretending to be a robocaller and convincing him he'd won a contest. She catches him by claiming he was a "Fortnite" entry winner, then she strings him along by "mishearing" or "misunderstanding" his answers.

"We are trying to reach Tyler R," she says in her convincingly robotic voice. "If you are Tyler R, please say 'Yes.'"

"Yes," her friend says after a brief pause.

"I heard 'No,'" she replies. "Please name the state your entry was submitted," the woman continues.


"I heard Wyoming," she says, stifling a giggle. "Is that correct?"

The woman strings her friend along for nearly two minutes, even getting him to "press one" to speak to a representative before finally putting him out of his misery by hanging up on him.

Watch the full video for yourself above and start working on your robocall skills!