Plenty of my friends from high school and college have moved away from our hometown and established families across this great state. One friend, who has two kids who play hockey, recently posted on social media about what she witnessed this weekend at a hockey tournament for one of her kids, and she came away disgusted at how people were acting.

Ashley, a mom to two really great kids & lives in Central Minnesota, posted the following to her Facebook page after being at a weekend tournament:

Coaches, managers, parents, friends, whoever - we need to do better. I watched a handful of hockey games this weekend and am ashamed oh what I witnessed and heard from other teams. One players made a crying face to the crowd (of the opposing team) when he got a penalty and girls are flicking opposing team off and calling an opposing player “a fat f****** b****”. When has this become okay? Our kids are learning from us. This is absolutely ridiculous. Kids need to be taught respect again.


I'm kinda shocked that this type of behavior is seen as acceptable in a world where other coaches and players are being suspended or even fired for using foul or inappropriate language off whatever playing surface they coach or play on.

My friend Ashley seems to think that the kids are picking up this behavior from parents, and if that's true, it's really a shame.

Image Credit: klim musalimov unsplash
Image Credit: klim musalimov unsplash

In an age of specialized sports for kids, what happened to kids playing different sports throughout the year and taking summers off for vacation? it seems to be an all too common story with parents and players becoming aggressive and acting inappropriately.

How about we remember what is going on out on the ice, court, mat, etc...a game and treat it as such, chances are your kid is going to come away remembering some fun experience rather than fearing that they will disappoint you, or become the butt of a joke or even worse.

*steps off soapbox*

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