ST. CLOUD -- Patrol officers have a lot of equipment at their disposal to face a variety of different scenarios while out on patrol.

St. Cloud Police Officer Nick Tylutki says they have two equipment cars that are available to respond which have nonlethal guns, extra magazines, a wrap for people who are extremely combative, a battering ram, fire extinguisher, equipment to mark the scene of an accident, and three different sized drones.

He says the equipment cars are different than a typical squad car.

This is assigned so that in case you need it for a shift or something happens where there is an incident and you need a less-lethal option or a drone this officer can drive to the location and we have it immediately on the scene.

Tylutki says St. Cloud Police normally has two of these fully equipped cars, but one of them was in a head-on collision, so that is in the process of being replaced.

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In our previous segment, we talked to Tylutki about what all the equipment is that officers wear on their bodies while out on patrol.

St. Cloud Police Car Equipment

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