Rejuv is breaking new ground on both the orthopedic and weight loss sides of their business. Rejuv offers a solid track record of helping their patients realize pain relief through cutting edge methods that can often avoid excessive medications and surgery. They use evidence-based medicine to get to the core of your issue. Why do your joints ache all the time? Why aren’t you sleeping well anymore? Why do you have chronic fatigue? Through their various orthopedic procedures and hormone therapies Rejuv is changing peoples lives…one at a time.


There are a zillion weight loss programs out there. And people who get involved in a good number of them find themselves unfulfilled and frustrated. Why don’t these programs deliver on their promises more often? Because many of them are designed as “quick fix” promises that are not based in science and the real world. The Rejuv Weight Loss and Performance Center offers a COMPLETE program that deals with the physical science as well as the psychological art of losing weight and living a more healthy life. And the beauty of all of this? If you’re successful in Rejuv’s weight loss program you’ll be much less likely to need the other medical services that they offer. One way or another, Rejuv wants you to start enjoying life to the fullest once again!

At Rejuv Medical and Rejuv Weight Loss and Performance Center, thy can answer all of your questions including: How can I get help for the chronic pain I feel in my knees or other joints? How can Prolotherapy or PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) treatments possibly help me? Weight loss programs so often fail. Why should I feel that Rejuv’s program is any different? Do you work with athletes or people who want to take their fitness “to the next level"? Contact them today!

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