Has a buyer emerged for the vacant Sugar Daddy's building in Sauk Rapids? The listing has been 'canceled' on the MLS.

Any guesses what may be moving in? Based on recent history, my money is on a bank, car wash or fast food restaurant.

Here are some ideas commenters had when we first posted the gallery of the for sale building.


I would love to buy this and turn into either a huge indoor dog park or a huge indoor child/teen center:)


This could be a great indoor music venue


Turn it into a bingo hall


Rip out the gross old furniture, adjust ceiling heights, scour with bleach and toss in a small indoor skatepark and arcade for the youth of the area.

And, finally, Donnie:

If i had the funding.. i think this place would make a great strip club. Who wants to invest?!?


See Inside Sugar Daddy's In Sauk Rapids


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