Last week we told you about an opportunity to have Jimmy Fallon visit your home to cook him a true 'Minnesota meal' while he was in town for the big game. Here's who he ended up visiting. You can guess what they made him...tater tot hot dish!

I had a feeling he wouldn't be venturing too far away from Minneapolis, given that he had a ton of things on his list, but was worth a shot! I submitted for the chance to have him over to our house in Sartell, and offered to make spam & turkey tater tot hot dish with lefse and jello salad...a TRUE Minnesota home-cooked meal.

By the way, the Salzer family had Jimmy try a local brew from 10K Brewing in Anoka, Minnesota. Talk about great promotion for them! I'm from that area and haven't tried their beer, but in case you want to, here's their website.

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