Seriously who gives their girlfriend 100,000 roses? When you think of the most epic or most over the top Valentine's Day surprise, I doubt it even comes close to this one.

My husband, who I have been with for 10 Valentine's Days now has spoiled me a few times. I have never been disappointed. Probably because my love language is "Words of Affirmation", gifts are never a big deal to me. I love a card with a personal message and flowers. There were a few years in there he surprised me with diamond earrings and I was completely blown away. I may have cried a few tears from being overwhelmed and surprised.

I did notice on Facebook and Instagram my friends being spoiled with flowers, chocolates, giant stuffed animals, and even a surprise trip to New York City. This year I got a card, beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates. It was just perfect.

Now, Imagine your love of your life buying you 100,000 roses. I don't think I would be very happy about this. I would be like "Where are we going to put these?" or better yet, "How much did you spend?". That money could have been used for a down payment on a dream home or put in the kid's college funds. There is like a million other things I could think of that I would want to spend money on.

I can just imagine what his girlfriend is thinking. What an idiot. "Now, what am I suppose to do with all these roses?". I would drop off flowers at hospitals, nursing homes and at friends and family's homes just to brighten their day and spend the love. Nobody needs 100,000 roses.


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