As someone who was raised in the middle of no-where Kentucky, St. Cloud is a huge city to me. I know a lot of people view St. Cloud as being relatively small when compared to a lot of other cites, but to an uncultured hillbilly like myself – this place is enormous.

I’ve only been living in St. Cloud for about a year, and that means that I still have a lot of exploring to do before I’m actually familiar with the entire city. Now, there are some cool places here – The Martini Lounge, Riff City, The Mall, the list goes on and on. But my new favorite place in town is Barnes and Noble.

National Read a Book Day was a few weeks ago, and in order to celebrate I decided to head over to Barnes and Noble to see if I could find anything I liked – and holy smokes – this place is a nerds dream! I’m an avid reader anyway, so I spent a total of two hours just looking at books.

I didn’t realize how much other cool stuff this store carries though. They have vintage vinyl, games and models, and a Starbucks Coffee right in the store. I could spend everyday just hanging out there.

I wound up snagging a copy of “The Interpretation Of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud while I was there, so I have that to keep me busy for a while. Long story short, as un-rock-n-roll as it is, Barnes and Noble is officially my new favorite place in St. Cloud.

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