It's hard to have close friends as an adult.

It's been 15 years since I had a best friend. His name was Chris. We met in Sunday school, homeschooled together a couple years before attending elementary and middle school together. We played on the same sports teams and would spend the summer riding bikes and shooting Airsoft guns at tin cans. When he began attending a different high school, our close friendship also began to fall apart a little. We attended different colleges, moved away and started families. Over the years, we've remained in contact and other people have come in and out of our lives. But I've never had a best friend like Chris since.

In general, I've found that it just gets harder and harder to meet and make close friends the older I get. One theory is that it takes time to make and have friends. In the following video, I share the results of a recent study by the University of Kansas on one reason it may be so hard to have close friends as an adult.


Maybe the reason I find it hard to make friends as an adult is because I keep getting phone calls like this...