Imagine living peacefully in your own neighborhood and suddenly things change and you are on guard every time you venture out of your home.

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That's what seems to be happening in a mobile home park in Coon Rapids. A crazy wild turkey has moved into the neighborhood and has taken over, according to the residents.

It all began around Thanksgiving 2021 when a wild turkey just decided to make this quiet mobile home park his home according to Rachael Gross is a resident and says the wild turkey has just moved in and is terrorizing residents. "This turkey has literally taken over our life," Rachael Gross said.

This crazy turkey follows Gross and other residents when they leave their homes. It will chase cars, peck at tires and try to enter peoples mobile homes. "This turkey attacks me every single day. Follows me, goes up my stairs, tries to get into my house. When I leave in my car, it follows my car," she said. "I have to carry my broom and my water and my golf club everywhere I go."

Another resident worries for her granddaughter that lives with her. She said the kids that walk to the bus stop every morning actually now carry sticks to fend off the aggressive turkey.

The DNR suggested that residents remove any bird feeders they may have out but some residents have not done so. The Department of Natural Resources website offers this advice on dealing with the jerk turkey;

"The best defense against aggressive or persistent turkeys is to prevent the birds from becoming habituated in the first place by being bold to them. Everyone in the neighborhood must do the same; it will be ineffective if you do so only on your property. Each and every turkey must view all humans as dominant in the pecking order and respond to them as superiors rather than subjects. Habituated turkeys may attempt to dominate or attack people that the birds view as subordinates."  DNR

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