Amazon just bought Whole Foods and slashed many of their food prices by as much as 43% this week. Is this enough to make you drive to Maple Grove to shop there?

In the last week Amazon announced that it bought Whole Foods for a multi-billion dollar deal, then quickly slashed prices on staple food items immediately.

Whole Foods is well known for being extremely expensive to shop at. Amazon knew this very well when they bought the company, so they made a decision to immediately increase chances for us all to shop there for our staple items we all buy, like: eggs, meats, etc. They haven't changed pricing on the higher caliber snobby items, at least yet.

This is great news for us health nuts that want to eat more organic, but too bad the nearest Whole Foods to us is in Maple Grove. So that leads to the question about whether or not you'd be more likely to make a stop in Maple Grove to grab some Whole Foods basics on your way home, now that it's much cheaper in price?

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