Since Amazon bought Whole Foods and slashed tons of food prices, more and more people have made the trip to buy from there. Now their information has been breached.

Central Minnesota doesn't have a Whole Foods, the nearest is Maple Grove. With the recent news that Amazon purchased the company and immediately slashed prices on many common foods, it has enticed more central Minnesotans to take the drive to the Twin Cities to pick up a few things more often.

Whole Foods has announced a data hack that has effected their tap room and restaurant locations, with customer credit card payment information being stolen. This data breach does not affect the grocery checkouts, like the Maple Grove location, since they use a different system than the restaurants.

The company is urging those affected customers to keep an eye on their bank statements to look for any suspicious activity.

Don't worry if you are an Amazon customer, they have said their system is not connected to Whole Foods, so us Amazon customers can rest easy.

This data breach is just another in a growing list of well-known companies reporting a hack of customer information. This is just another reason to always be watching your credit/debit card statements to see if unauthorized purchases have been made. If you come across anything you know you haven't purchased, you should call the phone number on the back of the credit card immediately to report it and get the card shut down.

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