If you're one of the 14 million Verizon customers, you're account information may have been stolen. Here's what information the hackers were able to get.

According to FaithFamilyAmerica, a breach in the Verizon servers happened between June 8th and June 22nd on a cloud server of a Verizon sub-contractor.

The data was openly accessible to download off a cloud server, and included the name, address, account information and PIN numbers of nearly 14 million Verizon customers.

It's advised that all Verizon customers keep a close eye on their Verizon account for any fraudulent use or unauthorized changes. If you find any of this activity you should contact Verizon immediately or stop into one of their wireless stores to review your account.

In the St. Cloud area there's 3 Verizon Wireless stores:

- 3520 W. Division St, St. Cloud
- 4101 W Division St (Crossroads Mall), Waite Park
- 101 CR 120, Sauk Rapids

At this point, with all the hacks that keep happening with all the services we use daily, going back to caveman days is sounding better and better!

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