They say a dog is "Man's Best Friend".  That is probably true.  Always there to greet you when you come home, unconditional love and always happy.  Love having a dog as a pet.  But, would your dog save you if there came a time that there was an emergency and you needed help.

Turns out, without training, most dogs would at least try, with a little bit of training, they would try harder and probably eventually succeed, and with some real training, definitely!

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I often wonder about this.  I have little dogs... or have always had a smaller dog.  We're talking like 10 pounds or less.  Even though I knew the little guys care about us, I tend to doubt their capabilities regarding any sort of rescue.  But I am also amazed at how innovative they can be when they want something.  And determined.  Like if there are treats on a shelf.  My dog would try and try to get those things and would probably eventually succeed if I didn't move them.  Same with wanting anything... treats, toys, food, some object... all the same.  Won't give up until satisfied. So, at least I would guess they he would probably bark incessantly until someone took notice if there was an issue.

But here is what a few different studies found-I knew food could be a driving factor.

The study did find that the dogs used in these studies were possibly trying to reduce their own stress instead of the stress of their owners.  But I say 'Whatever works'.  You can check out all of the factors playing into this study here.  

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