A recent survey done by a gambling website called Penn Stakes has very scientifically concluded that the 'Minnesotan' accent is among the "most attractive" in all of the United States of America.

The Penn Stakes study conducted 'social listening' research via Brandwatch.com. I don't know what any of that means either, so I will let them explain:

"To rank the accents, the team conducted social listening research through the platform Brandwatch.com.. By analyzing the top 50 most common accents, the platform highlighted every mention of a specific accent over the past year. Then, by breaking down how many of these mentions contained keywords such as “attractive,” “sexy” and many more (see methodology for the full list), a list was calibrated to reveal the most attractive accents.

"Keywords used: ("sexiest" OR "charming" OR "attractive" OR "sexy" OR "hot" OR "erotic" OR "naughty" OR "provocative” OR "seductive" OR "sensual" OR "sensuous" OR "suggestive" OR "titillating")."

Minnesota ranked ninth on the list with 16,160 mentions of our sexy accent, placing it slightly ahead of New Orleans but a few thousand mentions short of #8 Chicago.

The top accent on the list was 'Southern,' with 76,940 votes.

In second place was the New York accent with 70,460 votes, then a significant drop off to third-place California with 45,360 votes.

The Texan accent finished in fourth place, Boston in fifth, Midwestern (somehow different than Minnesota I guess) sixth and Miami seventh.

So Minnesota ends up in ninth place. Do you consider the accent sexy?

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