I've lived in Minnesota for most of my life, and I don't think I've ever heard of or received a Worm Warning until today.

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The Worm Warning states that areas along and south of I -94 can expect to see, smell and step on many worms this morning, and to 'proceed with caution.'  When I saw the National Weather Service issued a Worm Warning, I wasn't sure what to think. But the comments about the Worm Warning are pretty darn funny.

If you didn't receive the Worm Warning, here it is:


What do Minnesotans do when they get a Worm Warning? Have fun with it. These are some of the comments so far this morning:

  • Didn't have this on my weather BINGO card  ~Tom L.
  • If we get some strong gusts, could we get a wormnado? ~Survivingnotthriving
  • These robins are going to have a feast this morning. ~ Natalie
  • It must be due to global worming. ~Michelle
  • Thanks for the worming! ~Jeff
  • Close the schools!  ~All Hat No Cattle
  • Was there a Worm Watch? Or did we go straight to the Worm Warning? ~Tommerdal
  • It's almost like the Simpson's Whacking Day episode...and its the day after said day.~Brian
  • As someone planning to move to Minneapolis, PLEASE EXPLAIN. Do I need to NOT live south of 94 for this reason?  ~SD Native
  • Strong winds? Rotating wormulimbus? Call it a Wormnado! ~Name Can't Be Blank
  • Heart Worming ~Einhver helvítis gaur



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