One of the coolest aspects of my job is being able to do something good for someone else.  

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This morning was no exception, being able to give away Dream Getaway 74. Dave-O and I jumped on the phone early this morning and reached out to our winner.  

After only a couple of rings, Aaron Plafcan of Sauk Rapids answered the phone. After a joke about only calling to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving, we shared the news with him that he was the winner of Dream Getaway 74.  

We could tell instantly that Aaron was shocked, because the second word he said was one we had to bleep out over the air. When it sank in, anyone listening could easily tell that Aaron was terribly excited. 

When we asked where he would be asking Bursch Travel to send him, he said he was in shock and it would require some thought, but most likely it’d be somewhere warm. 

Aaron already knows who he is going to be taking the trip with him. When we asked, he quickly responded “Jana”. After we announced the news on Facebook, Jana was the first to reply that she was glad they could now use their passports. 

Photo Credit- Dave Thomas- Townsquare Media
Photo Credit- Dave Thomas- Townsquare Media


Congratulations Aaron and Jana and enjoy your trip. Send us pictures? 

Now, for everyone else, we turn our attention to Dream Getaway 75 which starts on Monday. Listen for the clues 3 times each day Monday-Friday. Plus, if you download the station mobile app, and turn on the contest alerts, we will send you a bonus code word each day.  

We ask that you enter the code words by 7pm each evening.  

It only takes one word to win but why not enter as many times as possible to increase your odds. 

In the meantime, be thinking about where you would like us to send you in Dream Getaway 75.  

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