Maybe it's the early snow, maybe it's COVID, maybe it's boredom, or maybe it's a combination of all of it -- it doesn't really matter, really. I just know that I'm ready for some skiing!

The 2020 Minnesota ski season looks to be exciting as well. One of the Farmers Almanac's (not sure which one) says there should be a good amount of snow this winter. If that one is correct, it should be a great skiing season. If you don't like skiing, most have snow tubing as well.

Minnesota Ski and Snowboard is a great place to check out any of Minnesota's ski areas. And if you really want to broaden your horizons, check out the Indy pass and ski everywhere. Most places have a season pass guarantee. Check the website for more details. Here are a few of the best places to go:

Google Maps

Arguably the best in the state. And they continue to expand. Certainly, a must ski for 2020.

It's not the biggest or the best but it's still a great place to ski because it's right in our backyard.

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Not only a great place to ski but it comes with a beautiful view of Lake Superior.

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Another beautiful location and I love the way Afton Alps is setup.

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