ST. CLOUD -- Stearns County is using a federal grant to help them catch drivers who run red lights.

The money will be used to install what's called traffic signal confirmation lights. They are small blue lights mounted on the traffic signal mast or pole. The blue light is wired into the red light circuit, so the red traffic signal and blue confirmation signal light up simultaneously.

County Engineer Jodi Teich says it will help police officers catch red-light runners from a safe location...

Red light running is probably one of the biggest causes of crashes at our signalized intersections in the St. Cloud area.  So, in an effort to reduce those serious and sometimes fatal crashes, we're hoping for it to be more of an education campaign and have people realize there's certainly a better chance of them getting caught.


The blue confirmation lights will be installed on several intersections along County Highway 75 between St. Joseph and Waite Park, County Highway 75 in St. Cloud, and parts of Highway 15 through central Minnesota.

Teich says because cameras are illegal in Minnesota, other communities have been using the blue lights with considerable success.

The lights are expected to be installed and operational by late summer.


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