At 6:51 am we had a blue moon in the sky over St. Cloud. If you missed it, we understand. It was only visible for a total of 9-minutes, but pretty cool looking!

When I ran outside to take a look at it, the first thing I noticed is it's anything but "blue". The term "blue moon" is not about the color, but about it being the 2nd full moon in the same month. It actually did have an orange and red tinge to it, which is why it's nicknamed the "Super Blue Blood Moon".

It's really neat to see, especially knowing it comes around every couple years and if there's a cloudy sky there's not much chance of seeing it. Here's a closeup of the photo I took of it this morning:

Zoomed in on the blue moon this morning

If you're wondering when we're expected to have another type of eclipse, it'll be here on February 15th, where it'll be a partial solar eclipse. There's a great website if you really want to get nerdy about this eclipse, click here!

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