Downtown St. Cloud is going to be everything Irish tonight and tomorrow for St. Patty's Day, so make sure you keep these nuggets of 'Irish' facts in your back pocket to pull out when needed.

Let's face it, most of us aren't TRUE Irish, but love to pretend to be on St. Patrick's Day once a year! Sadly, if somebody asked you the question "tell me something about Ireland or the Irish" you'd probably draw a blank! We've already concluded that 4 leaf clovers aren't a big deal there, and they don't drink green beer. So if you can remember just 1 of these Irish facts, you'll know more than 90% of those hanging around downtown St. Cloud this weekend!

1.  60% of Americans plan to celebrate this year. They'll spend an average of $39.65 each.  And we'll spend an all-time high of about $5.9 billion collectively.

2.  It's just the 4th most popular day of the year to tie one on. The top three drinking days are New Year's Eve, Christmas, and the Fourth of July.

3.  83% of people who plan to celebrate this year will wear something green.

4.  Just over 33 million Americans have Irish ancestors. The two states with the highest percentage are Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

5.  And a Leprechaun's pot of gold filled with 1,000 one-ounce gold coins would run you a cool $1.3 million this year.

Thanks to Wallet Hub, Forbes, and Thrillist for help with these interesting facts about the Irish!

There's a TON of central Minnesota bars that are hosting St. Patty's Day parties and celebrations, so about anywhere you go there will be green and glitter. Cheers to being Irish for a day, let's have a blast and keep it a safe weekend on our central Minnesota roads!

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