There are some very odd street names in Minnesota, so think about if you had to own a house on one of them. The embarrassment could be more than you can handle.

It's bad enough when you live in a Minnesota town with an odd name, having to tell people you live in Nimrod, Embarrass, Ball Club, or Clam Falls! What may be even worse is having a street name that's just as awfully named.

A recent study found that 33% of people wouldn't live on a street with a funny or sexual sounding name. It also found that home prices were 20% lower on those roads named that way. For instance if you had a $500,000 home, it would likely only be able to sell for $400,000.

Some of the craziest street names in the U.S. are pretty embarrassing to live on, and I can promise you I'd never settle for a home on any of these streets:

  • Weiner Cutoff Road - in Weiner, Arkansas
  • Butt Road - in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Katie Crotch Road - in New Portland, Maine

In Minnesota, we've got our own handful of street names that push the edge of embarrassment:

  • Rub-Of-The-Green Street - in St. Cloud
  • Ptarmigan Lane - in Rockville
  • Lois Lane - in Lino Lakes
  • Fireball Drive - in Brainerd
  • Exhibition Drive - in Duluth
  • Little Smokies Lane - in Winona
  • Oink Joint Road - in Wadena
  • Dysprosium Street - in Ramsey
  • Limberdink Road - in Kasota
  • Crappie Bay Road - in Brainerd

Thanks to OnlyInYourState for some of these road names, and I'm sure there's a ton more that we don't know about. I'm sure we all know somebody who'd jump at the chance to live on any of these streets, just so they can say the name of it daily...there's one in every crowd.

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