What do Lynne Segelstrom from St Cloud, Diane Yarwood from Belgrade, and Jaymie Eisenchenk from St Cloud have in common? They are all Central Minnesotan's that have won ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

How did they do it? It wasn’t hard. They listened -- they entered codes -- they won cash. That’s it.

You could be next. Just listen to 96.7 The River every hour, weekdays, from 7 am to 4 pm. At the top of the hour, we will give you a code. Open the River app, tap “enter codes”, enter that hour’s code. That’s it. You could get a call saying you won cash, up to $10,000.

We’ve been asking Central Minnesotan’s what they would do with that much money and we’ve received a wide variety of answers:

  • Pay down my kids’ student loans”
  • Vacation to a tropical destination with the family” 
  • “Pay off my car and save the rest” 
  • “Open a cat shelter like Luckys Place was” 

We’ve got some new responses since then:

Go to Africa my dream - Jamie Christianson


Take my family on a vacation, I love spending time with my grandchildren! - Nancy Updike Johnson


Linnea Therese Lang  - Linnea Therese Lang


Pay off a lot of bills - Bobbi Bradford


Build a roof over the new camper we bought – Robin Denny


Keep those dreams coming! We love it!

We've got more cash codes coming starting Monday morning at 7 am. Good luck to everyone trying to win cash on 96.7 The River. Hopefully, you get that $10,000 and fulfill a dream.

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