With Apple releasing what the nations favorite emojis are, we figured we'd find out what our listeners feel are their favorites. The results are pretty similar.

Apple revealed that they collect data from the texts you send, which is a little concerning. I guess nothing is private anymore! Regardless, they decided to gather data of the most used emojis in the country, and here's what their top 6 list showed:

  1. The "laughing so hard I'm crying" face.
  2. The red heart.
  3. The sad crying face.
  4. The face with hearts for eyes.
  5. The kissing face.
  6. The face that's rolling its eyes.

We wanted to see if the nationwide list would be similar to us here in central Minnesota. So we asked our Facebook followers, and it was very similar!

  1. The "laughing so hard I'm crying" face.
  2. The regular smiling face.
  3. The red heart.
  4. The kissing face.
  5. The face with hearts for eyes.
  6. The sad crying face.

There's no doubt the "laughing so hard I'm crying" face has gained popularity in the last few months, I see it ALL the time and generally used multiple times to make a point. That might be why it's #1 now that I think of it!

Favorite Emoji

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