This is getting good. After The Biebs challenged Tom Cruise to a fight someone came up with a brilliant new social media game. It's simple, just challenge a celebrity that's 31 years older than you to a fight. Here's what some people have said...

A woman is pumped that she can finally kick Sally Field's butt. One guy told Jeff Goldblum to "come catch these hands."  Another guy told Sophia Loren to quote, "Cash me outside."

So I came with a list of celebrities I could challenge. I think a few would definitely whoop my butt. No women are on this list because it just didn't seem right challenging a 80 year old woman to a fight, heck it doesn't seem right challenging a 80 year old man..

1. Ian McKellan

2. Lee Majors

3. John Cleese

4. Phil Spector

5. Paul Hogan

6. Mike Ditka

7. Harvey Keitel

8. Neil Sedaka

9. Francis Ford Coppola

10. Lee Trevino

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