Anyone with kids knows the struggle of getting their toddlers to bed. They seem to have an endless to-do list as soon as you mention it is time for bed.

This clip is by a comedian  and it is real life for a lot of us parents. You laugh, because we have all been there before.And it's quite comical, now...

Comedian Shaun Johnson, who along with his wife Nicole has more than 90,000 Instagram followers, posted the hilarious video on Nov. 24th. It's a video of a toddler avoiding bedtime.

In the video, Johnson doubles as an unruly toddler determined to stay up all night, and the poor mom who’s left to try to get him to finally go to bed.

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“Why are you out of bed?” the pretend mom asked in the beginning of the clip. The toddler proceeds to come up with a million reasons why he’s still up. My kids both pulled this on me and my husband. At the time it was very frustrating, but looking back now it's quite funny.

This hilarious video has 300,000 views and more than 9,000 comments.

Check it out:

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