Lifetime came out with a lot of new movies this holiday season. One of them is a story about Chris Watts. They will be premiering the movie about a brutal triple murder that took place in Colorado on Aug. 13th , 2018 on Lifetime.

Lifetime confirmed its movie Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer would premiere Jan. 25th at 8 pm. The movie stars Sean Kleier as Chris and Ashley Williams as Shanann.

Chris Watts strangled his wife Shanann at their Colorado home in August 2018. Watts told investigators that one of his daughters watched him as he carried Shanann's body down the stairs and into his truck.

He then put both of his daughters, ages 3 and 4, in his truck, drove them to his workplace, smothered them and buried their bodies inside oil and gas tanks at his workplace.

Chris Watts is serving a lifetime prison sentence for his crimes. He confessed to the murders and accepted a plea deal that kept the death penalty off the table for his sentencing.

This is honestly, the worst news story I have ever seen. It sends chills through my body. Being a mother I can't even watch this movie. Its so disturbing. It actually shocks me that they would even make this into a movie especially on Lifetime of all channels.

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