96.7 The River is entering our 3rd year of our Teacher of the Week promotion. And it's certainly going to be way different than previous years.

But the intent of the promotion, or the nomination process, hasn't changed. We still want to recognize our awesome teachers in Central Minnesota, and we still need our listeners to let us know who they are.

It's the execution of it that will change. We will honor our teachers as before, just from more of a distance. We will follow the social distancing guidelines. And if necessary, will not even be in attendance physically if the situation dictates.

So continue to nominate a teacher you feel is not only a great teacher but as gone above and beyond. This year has brought new challenges for our teachers, and we want to recognize those that have met those challenges head-on.

Here are some of the teachers we recognized last year thanks to you:

Teacher of the Week for 2019-2020