UNDATED -- The latest Crop Progress Report shows the crops that have emerged are in good shape.

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In Minnesota, 58% of the corn and 61% of the soybeans are in the good to excellent condition and 64% of the range and pastureland in the state is in good or excellent condition. Peter Boulay is a Climatologist with the Department of Natural Resources. He says we’re in much better shape than this time last year.

Well, I can say we're in much better shape than last year at this time, because we have lots of water in the bank at the moment from our wet start of 2022. So rivers and streams are high, lakes have recovered, groundwater is doing better.

Statewide, 96% of the topsoil is rated adequate or surplus. Boulay says a seasonal shift in the jet stream is responsible for our active weather this spring.

Well, we had the jet stream nearby, and a very active weather pattern especially in May. The entire state had well above normal precipitation from April going into May. As long as the jet stream is near us, we're going to have that kind of weather.

Boulay says he expects the jet stream to move north, leaving central Minnesota in a quieter pattern for the next few weeks.


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