PHOTO: Abbey Minke

Today we had the honor of surprising another "Teacher of the Week" and as always, it was a lot of fun!

Congratulations to Desiree Bengston, 1st grade teacher at Upsala Elementary! Desiree's husband, Cory, was the one who nominated her! Here's why he thinks she deserves this honor:

Oh where do I begin? Desiree is a very passionate teacher. She is very involved in the students academics as well as their home life. She cares deeply for each student as if they were her own and makes sure each student strives to be their best. She even jokes and says that WE have 19 kids! She graduated from SCSU with a degree in Elementary Education. She got started in the business field right out of college and worked in the field for years. She was successful but really had a desire to teach. She eventually interviewed at Upsala School. She took a leap of faith and left the business world for a temp position at Upsala. The Principal eventually hired her and told her he did so because he could see the passion in her teaching. I am proud of her daily drive to make sure each and every kid succeeds in school and in growing in life. I am glad to see that your station acknowledges Teachers as they work hard to teach our youth. Even though they have summers off they put in long hours each and every day (and well into the evening) correcting papers and planning for the next days lesson. I believe she deserves a little surprise to show her that she is appreciated.
Thanks, her loving husband, Cory

Thank you to our incredible Teacher of the Week sponsors who make this surprise even more fun:  All-Star Trophy and Awards, Great Harvest Bread, Concrete Image Salon and Coyote Moon Grille!

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