UNDATED -- Minnesota's black bears will be emerging from hibernation soon and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is offering some tips to avoid any confrontations with the hungry animals.

Because there are no berries or green vegetation early in the spring, bears will be looking for food sources.

The DNR says to check your property for any unsecured food sources that may attract bears because once a bear finds a food source, it will likely return.

Don't leave food, coolers, and uncleaned BBQ grills outside.

If you feed birds you risk attracting bears, so hang bird feeders 10 feet off the ground and at least four feet out from the nearest trees.

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The DNR says don't put out feed for wildlife like corn, pellets, or molasses blocks.

Remember most garbage cans are not bear-proof, so keep garbage and recyclables inside the garage until pick up day.

If you encounter a bear, call the DNR area wildlife office for advice.


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