I've rarely pulled into a rest stop, but most I've passed by don't have that many people parked to rest in them. Apparently truckers are having a hard time finding a place to sleep though. There's a new technology coming to Minnesota that will tell truck drivers where open sleeping spots are located.

Minnesota has stiff regulations for over-the-road truck drivers in regards to taking time to sleep. If you want to see these regulations, click here. It's a big issue considering the size of a semi-truck with a sleepy driver! Many truck drivers all over the country have complained of not being able to find any spot to pull in to sleep at rest and truck stops.

You can imagine how frustrating it would be to finally get to a rest stop after driving all day, only to find zero spaces to pull into to get a few hours rest. The only option is to hit the road again and hope the next rest stop has an open spot.

There's more semi-trucks on I-94 than ever, so Minnesota is now looking at a new technology that will let truck drivers know where open sleeping spaces are located near them.

KSTP reports the technology is a hockey puck-sized device buried under semi-truck parking lanes in rest stops, which will report open spaces to drivers looking to find a place to rest that has a guaranteed opening.

MNDOT will have this technology installed at 7 rest stops in Minnesota in 2019. The price tag is a whopping $1.4 million, but a federal grant will make that price to Minnesota only $177,500.

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