On one hand the advances we've seen in technology can be great. For example, my kid and I like to play on our Nintendo Switch together and it sure is convenient to be able to buy and play a game straight from the console without having to leave the couch... it just downloads right to the system.

On the other hand I still miss the way it used to be. As a kid I would save my allowance and chore money to get that next video game, which usually came from a Minnesota company called FuncoLand.

Founded by St. Cloud State graduate David Pomije in 1988 as a rental company, FuncoLand expanded into a video game buying/selling company boasting over 400 locations before eventually being sold to Barnes and Noble and turned into GameStop.

The St. Cloud location was in the same spot that GameStop is now located: Division Place shopping center.

What stores or places from your childhood would you love to go back to just one more time? For me, FuncoLand is right near the top of that list!

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