First let me say that this is one of my favorite stores, and I'm so glad that a small, local business has won a national award like this.  Copper Pony, located on St. Germain Street, downtown St. Cloud.  Owners, Josh Hoffman and Brandon Johnson also just opened their "Garden Store" in Munsinger/Clemens gardens, and soon will be located in Sauk Rapids.  It was just announced that they have won a Retail Stars of 2021 award from Home Accents Today.

Copper Pony
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Copper Pony shared this announcement on their Facebook page:

Home Accents Today described the honor:

CREATIVE RETAILING IS A LABOR OF LOVE, a tale of passion and a testament to truly inventive entrepreneurs. As a Home Accents Today Retail Star you are recognized for your innovative approaches to marketing and merchandising and having an impact on your community. We celebrate your business success and your ability to raise the bar on retailing in your local market.

A year ago, with all of the shut downs because of the pandemic, no one really knew what this year would look like.  Luckily, we now look to be turning a page on this health issue.  More people being vaccinated, and more and more businesses being able to open more and more, with larger capacity.  This is such a good thing for our econonomy and for small businesses.

According to Home Accents Today, there were Retail Star awards given out in 27 different states across the United States.  Minnesota had two "stars" receiving the accolade.

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