Ever seen a mink out for a run? Well, it's not like this little fella was exercising on purpose, but a Northern Minnesota lodge caught the four-legged critter out running before the North Shore got blasted by snow.

Gunflint Pines Resort and Campground posted the video of the mink out for a 'run' back on December 10th. It's kind of cute to watch!

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website:

The mink is the most common water mammal predator (meat eater) in Minnesota. It can be found in nearly every wetland, lake, and creek in the state, including those in cities and towns. The mink is a versatile predator.

Minks if you are wondering do NOT change their coat color during the winter like other relatives of the mink do.

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The resort is located in far Northern Minnesota, and according to its website they are:

in the heart of the Superior National Forest, and on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities and abundant wildlife

Since last week, portions of Northern Minnesota have been blanketed by new snow, which is good news for places like Gunflint Pines. Many Minnesotans who enjoy the outdoors during the winter are beginning to head up for the holidays and enjoying the peace and solitude that is offered in the area of the BWCA and the Superior National Forest.

For more details on what Northern Minnesota can offer in terms of winter activities, you can head here for some ideas. 

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