There haven't been many ice fishing highlights from this year, as it seems all we are hearing about are the poor ice conditions in places like Upper Red Lake, Lake of the Woods, Mille Lacs isn't without ice issues. One visiting "hard water" angler had a four-legged intruder recently take a prized walleye. The intruder was a mink and it was all caught on video. Enjoy!** ** The video does contain some strong language and is probably not entirely suitable for the office

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Remember this? No,I didn't hurt him. Yes, he came back and took a walleye while I was showing a buddy this video. No, that's not the sound a mink makes. Yes, it was funny as hell

The video shows a mink appear from a hole it dug to burrow into the ice house on Lake of the Woods back in December. The person video-ing the mink, Keith Kavajecz of Deerbrook WI, who also happens to be a professional walleye fisherman, remarked that the mink was more than likely looking for a minnow.

The mink then made its way across the ice house and grabbed one of the walleyes that were piled up in the corner. It's at this moment that Keith drops a few choice words as the camera pans down briefly and you hear Keith get up in an attempt to reclaim his fish.

The fish was retrieved, and the mink finally decided to leave after being reached for, but not before stinking up the house.

I hope you enjoyed that video as much as I did.

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