ST. CLOUD -- Ever since the city of St. Cloud sold off some land in Heritage Park a little over a year ago there has been a misconception by many that the park no longer exists.  However, the reality is Heritage Park is still a very sizable natural park in St. Cloud.

At 75 1/2 acres, Heritage Park still ranks as the city's fifth largest park, even after the 18 acres of land was sold to Costco Wholesale last year.  The park has few amenities but there are gravel and grass walking paths throughout.  There are also a couple of walking bridges that take you over some very sizeable ponds in the park.

Heritage Park, photo by's Jim Maurice

Heritage Park is located just to the south of Stearns History Museum.  Soon construction will be getting underway for the skate park that will be built on the north side of the park, which will also include restrooms.  The skate park is expected to be completed by late summer.

City leaders say once construction of the Costco store and the skate park are both finished they plan to add more signage to Heritage Park so residents know it's still there.  They are also working with the Stearns History Museum to enhance the park and create awareness and accessibility.

St. Cloud's Six Largest Parks:
#1).  Neenah Creek Park - 280 acres (established in 1999)
#2).  River Bluffs Park - 190 acres (established in 1999)
#3).  Whitney Park - 143 1/2 acres (established in 1933)
#4).  Riverside Park - 125 acres (established in 1910)
#5).  Heritage Park - 75 1/2 acres (established in 1979)
#6).  George Friedrich Park - 74.8 acres (established in 2015)

Heritage Park is just one of 94 parks in the city of St. Cloud covering over 1,682 total acres of land.