A guy walks into a pawn shop and wants to sell his baby to them.  Guess where this happened... three guesses and the first two don't count.  If you guessed Florida, you'd be exactly right. Granted, this was just a pretend thing, because the guy thought it would make a funny Snapchat video.  Good grief!

Security footage- Sarasota, Florida Police Department

Well, this whole thing backfired a bit.  The problem came in when he put the 7 month old baby on the counter and said that he was "barely used" and wondered how much he was worth.  He was secretly filming the whole transaction on his phone.  He failed to tell the pawn shop worker that this was really all a joke.  So, the pawn shop worker did what anyone else would probably do... he called the police.  Duh!

The "pawning" Dad saw the story on the news, and a bunch of cops showed up at his door.  He had to do a lot of fast talking and explain himself.  Ultimately the police decided not to charge him with anything.  Because apparently being STUPID isn't a crime, per se.

Florida....continuing to make us all feel better about ourselves.