As a music fanatic, I’m always looking for the next concert or festival I can check out. It’s a fun experience, and as a musician myself, it’s also a wonderful learning experience. I get to see how different artists write and perform, and then if I like what they’re doing I can apply it to my own playing.

In terms of Minnesota based bands and artists, Prince ALWAYS gets all of the attention. It’s understandable why, but there are plenty of other groups from The Land Of 10,000 Lakes that are every bit as cool as he was, even if they don’t get the same amount of publicity.

Two groups in particular come to mind – Trampled By Turtles and Hairball. If you’ve ever heard them before, you know that they’re two very different bands. But they’re equally awesome, albeit for different reasons.

Luckily for we Minnesotans both groups are booked to play the Minnesota State Fair this year. Trampled By Turtles will be performing August 25th and Hairball will be performing September first. You can get your tickets online now between $15 and $25.

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