Honda.  Definitely one of the most reliable vehicles made.  It seems like Hondas, Lexus (which is really a Toyota)  and Toyotas last forever.  The body will probably  break down before the motor does.  People drive those cars for a couple hundred thousand miles before they run into issues, usually.  I've heard people say that if you have a hundred thousand miles on any of these makes they are "just getting broken in".

Honda just announced this week that they are recalling over 600 thousand vehicles.  This is a pretty big deal!  Apparently it has to deal with some faulty software.  It's an issue that will be fixed, and fixed for free, but it's still an inconvenience to have to bring it in to be fixed.  Especially when there are so many others in the same boat.  Be prepared to wait for an appointment.  Meanwhile, you may have to find some other mode of transportation.

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The recalls will be announced late September.  They are supposedly affecting certain vans and SUVs.  This recall doesn't offer any easy "over the air" fix.  So you will have to bring your vehicle in to a dealership.

Certain 2018-2020 Odysseys, 2019-2020 Passports, and 2019-2021 Pilots were outfitted with “[i]ncorrect instrument panel control module software” that can cause the display to not show critical information like speed, engine oil pressure, and gear selector position until the car is turned off and on again.

But, that's not all!  There is another recall that affects those same vehicles.

Another recall involves 500,000 of those same vehicles — the 2019-2021 Pilots and the 2019-2020 Passports again, but only 2019-2020 Odysseys. 

Luckily, there is an easy over the air fix for this. So, it will be easier for owners to get their affected vehicles repaired.  There will be an instructional video that will be available for download.  At least you won't have to wait for an appointment for this one.