When I first saw this story, I just glanced over it. Today I realized, "HEY! I know this kid!"

Mike Kohler isn't a kid anymore, he's 26. But I've known him since he was a kid! We've been hiking in Colorado, explored the streets of New York City, but we've never run a marathon together. And I can safely say that will never happen.

Mike's parents are friends of mine, and they have packed up the family (Mike and his sister Amanda) and taken a couple of road trips to see me when I lived in Colorado and Pennsylvania. There have been many more adventures for them since then, but this was an adventure of its own. And now, news outlets all over the country want to talk to Mike!

Mike signed up to run the 1/2 Marathon in Fargo this year, but at mile number 8 he realized his mistake and found himself on the FULL Marathon route. So he kept going. And he finished in 5:54:26.

The message Mike passes along is inspiring. "People are sometimes capable of a lot more than they think." Yes, they are. I need to remember that. Great job, Mike!

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