A new survey says majority of people say they would opt for a heartfelt gift over an expensive one.  Actually, 62% to be exact prefer gifts with meaning over gifts that cost over $100.

Personally, I just received a bracelet from my friend Michelle for my birthday. She said it was made for me and explained what all the different beads meant. It warmed my heart so much. Just that she took the time to seek out the person who made these and designed it for me. Affordable yet very thoughtful.

Bracelet from Michelle Photo: Alli Mae
Bracelet from Michelle
Photo: Alli Mae

Here are the five best heartfelt gifts:

  1. Framed photos.
  1. Handwritten notes.
  1. Photo books.
  1. Custom mugs or cups.
  1. Custom pillows or blankets.


I have a lot of things made at Walgreen's Photo either online or in the store. Another place to checkout, online at  Personal Creations.


My dad loves getting coffee mugs of him with his grand kids. We have been giving him one every year since my daughter was born. When he gets a new mug, he retires the old mug and puts it on a shelf in his office for display. He makes subtle hints about wanting updated ones from time to time. I think it’s a sweet way of brightening somebody’s day. Just think about this when you are doing your holiday shopping this holiday season.

Dad with one of his favorite mugs. 'Photo: Alli Mae
Dad with one of his favorite mugs.
'Photo: Alli Mae

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