Got a gift card to Herberger's you have been saving for a rainy day? There isn't much rain in the forecast for this week, but you definitely will want to use it on or before Sunday April 29th. Last week Reuters, claimed that Bon-Ton Stores Inc., the parent company of Herberger's, is going through a liquidation and will be closing all of its store locations across the country. That includes almost 20 locations in Minnesota alone.

There hasn't been a timeline announced yet as to when stores will be shutting their doors for good. It must be happening rather quickly given that the closings were announced last week, and this week we learned that gift cards won't be accepted after April 29th. The good news, they're holding a total liquidation sale, and the earlier you shop, the better the selection. Time to spend those gift cards! Hello new summer wardrobe!

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