You have just a couple days left to wait to get the best deals on these items in Minnesota. Each year these things traditional go on sale, and worth the wait.

We're getting into the time of the year when retailers and manufacturers start shifting around their inventory for the winter and holidays. With that, comes big incentives to get these products out the door. They don't want to sit on inventory that's no longer the latest and greatest, so they make it worth your time - in October!

Here's the best deals on certain products in our state that you'll find starting on Sunday, according to PureWow:

  • Digital Cameras - Even though it seems smartphones have completely taken over cameras, there are still plenty of them, and new ones coming out in November. The 2017 models need to go now.
  • Summer plants, trees and shrubs - Time is running out to get these in the ground, and depending on how soon the ground freezes, it could be too late. Early October is the time to buy these if you want the best possible price of the year.
  • Toys and games - Even though most toys don't have a yearly "model", there are toys that aren't as popular, so this time of the year they need to go to make room for the stock of more popular toys kids will want for Christmas.
  • Denim clothing - Stores stock up heavily on all their denim products in the summer in time for back-to-school shopping. Since most of the school rush shopping is over, the denim needs to go. You'll see big discounts on these, sometimes just over store cost.
  • Wedding supplies - There's plenty of people that get married in the peak of the fall, but not near as many that marry after the leaves have fallen. Wedding decorations and party favors go through huge markdowns right now, which is the perfect time to buy them if you're planning a wedding next year.

If any of these items are on your shopping wish list through the end of the year, go get them starting Sunday. Most retailers of these products WILL sell out and you'll be stuck paying full price after this month. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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