Have you ever intentionally did something in large scale so it would show up on Google Earth? This guy did it to dig at his neighbor, and it's hilarious. Here's how to find it.

A guy in Sequim, Washington was upset at his neighbor, who painted their house ugly pink and purple. It bothered the guy so much that he mowed his lawn in similar fashion to how a corn maze is designed, with the words "A-Hole" along with an arrow pointing to his annoying neighbor.

It's unknown if he knew Google Earth would catch it, or if he meant for it just to be seen as an aerial view. Either way, it was found, and the entire world is getting a kick out of it!

I had to try to find this myself on Google Earth. Anytime there's something on earth that has to do with a location, I challenge myself to find it. Kind of like putting a puzzle together, it's fun! Let's see if you can find it too.

Go to Google Maps and choose the 'satellite' view option. Then type in "Cays Rd & Libby St, Sequim, Washington". Zoom in a little and surely you'll see it pretty quickly.

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