Think about what you'd like to change about your 'other half', then decide if that would change if you lived in a warmer state, like California. Here's what most would change.

DailyMail released a new survey asked men and women who were in a relationship, what they'd want to change about their other half. The average woman would change 4 things about their man. The average man would change 6 things about their woman!

You'll see a common thread with most men, which isn't surprising honestly. Men tend to think along a more sexual side, where women tend to not think as much in that way. Here's what each side desired to see change...

Women wanting to change in their man:

  1. Him to be less grumpy - 35%
  2. Him to listen more when they talk - 30%
  3. Him to rid some bad habits - 25%
  4. Him being more appreciative - 25%
  5. Him to help more around the house - 21%

Men wanting to change in their woman:

  1. Her to be more affectionate - 23%
  2. Her to be happier in general - 22%
  3. Her to be more adventurous in bed - 20%
  4. Her to clean the house more - 18%
  5. Her to be more appreciative - 17%

See a pattern her with men? 8th on the list for men's wants is "her to dress sexier - 16%". Maybe I see things more clearly than other guys, but most of those things in the guy list would probably happen if the guys would change most everything in her list!

Minnesota winters are a perfect time to focus on the things each of us want in our significant other. He's a hint about the house guys...she wants you to help more around the house, so do it, and you may find that she'll jump up to help more. It's more than likely to make sure your doing it the right way and not just making it worse. At least that's what happens in my house!

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