A debate has sprung up here at work about how long we leave our Christmas lights on at night. Personally, we don't have a timer (they were all sold out) but we do have a remote control. I'd say we leave our lights on from dusk until about 5 a.m. when we leave for work.

Some people in our neighborhood seem to leave their lights on 24/7. While LED bulbs have made Christmas lights less costly than the old style, that still has to add up over the course of multiple days.

The responses we got on social media were varied:


One of our neighbors leaves his lights on all night. What's the point? We live in a gated community and NO ONE is cruising through the neighborhood at night. Dumb!


Lights go off at 11PM, but I do have the tree come on when I get up for work and off just after I leave the house.


Right now, they come on at dusk and stay on for the maximum nine hours the timer allows. Then, Christmas week, when it's time to kick out the jams, I let those babies go from dust to dawn!


I have mine on a light sensor switch, they come on at dusk go out at dawn.

So, what's the right answer? I'd like to leave mine on even longer so kids heading to school in the morning can see them from the bus!

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